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Artist Sketching in Ueno Park (Ueno kōen gaka shasei)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
ca. 1878-1879
Cape Kannon (Kannon misaki)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
1897, February; 1896-1897 (series date)
Chickens and Dragonfly (Niwatori ni tonbo)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
1880, October
Distant View of Ryōgoku at Moto-Yanagi Bridge (Moto-Yanagibashi Ryōgoku enkei)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
ca. 1879; 1876-1881 (series date)
Ducks and Withered Lotus (Kamo ni karehasu)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
Evening View of Toranomon (Toranomon yūkei)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
Evening View of the Kanda River (Kandagawa yūkei)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
Fireworks at Shinobazu Pond (Ikenohata hanabi)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
Fukuchi Gen'ichirō (Fukuchi Gen'ichirō)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
1885, October 26
Futamigaura (Futamigaura)
Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA 小林清親
1896, November 1; 1896-1897 (series date)
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